The Mesolongi women (Dedicated to all women)

At the time when the civil strife was raging and the struggling people were being slaughtered bloody and skeletal, the Greek women continued to offer their great brave decision, their struggles and sacrifices for freedom, against any sacrifice. The star of Messolonghi shone in those years. Women were by the side of the free besieged warriors throughout the struggle and with them on the way out in manly clothes, with children and chariots in their hands.

According to the descriptions, they took part in the construction of the fortifications, going behind the dapies ( the improvised cannon emplacements built by the Mesolonghians ) and collecting the enemy’s marbles and giving them to the committee to rebuild them.

They comfort the wounded and do what they can for the fighters who are completely impoverished by hardship. All this until the time of the Exodus, when, without any wavering, they stood by the men of the city and armed themselves like manly warriors to accompany them on this last heroic march to death.