Hiking – Mountaineering

MESOLOGGI : Port – Vasiladi (Hiking , walking )

The only slight difficulty is sometimes the tide in the fairway and the bridge under the road. Distance 6,53 km and return from the same 13 km. Duration with return 2hours and 10 minutes.

ARAKYNTHOS : Hounista-Ag. Paraskevi ( Hiking, walking )

The ascent was made by EOS Nafpaktos and the Mountaineering Club of Messolonghi on 28/9/2014. At the beginning the route passes through a fir forest with a relative slope and then in a bare landscape with a smaller slope.

ARAKYNTHOS : Hounista-Ag. Paraskevi ( Hiking , walking)

The route starts from Agios Georgios in Hounista. The trail moves through mainly low vegetation with many stumps and has many points with a very good view of the lagoon of Messolonghi. From the ridge onwards it moves through a wonderful oak forest and ends at the chapel of Ag. Paraskevi in a spot with many plane trees. Duration of the route with return 3hours and 30 minutes. Altitude : Hounista 495 m. Peak line 858 m. Ag. Paraskevi 660 m.

KLOKOVA : Zelios-An. Kalavrousa ( Hiking, walking)

The trail starts from the hotel of Zelios on the E.O.Antirio – Messolonghi, there is relevant signage. The whole route is marked with old signs but in some places it needs improvement. The terrain is rocky but there are also forest areas on the E-NE side. There is no water on the route. From the top there is a wonderful view of the Patraikos and the Ionian Sea. Duration of the route 5 hours & 30 minutes, distance 9 km, altitude difference 947 meters, and altitude 1029m.